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Packing specification

Warranty that

Of the following does not provide free maintenance

1)Customers to buy time to no more than a month, will think there is a fault of the product performance, fill out the warranty card, packaging and attach the original accessories complete wire, back to the company.

2)During the replacement period of products, such as for production, upgrade, or other special reasons can't provide the same type of new products, the company will be not less than the original ones of the same new products to replace. If there is no the same new products, provide more advanced new product replacement.

3)Product return must be packed well, complete accessories, no obvious scratch appearance.

1)Fault during the warranty period of the products, please return the products of the company.

2)Due to customer improper use, the company marketing service, inform the customer the correct using method.






  • 从购买之日起一个月内,如出现任何非人为故障,可以选择换货或免费维修。
  • 从购买之日起一年内,如出现任何非人为故障,可以享受免费维修。
  • 超出保修期或人为因素产生的故障,我公司将以成本价的零部件为您提供有偿维修,如遇到损坏程度严重,无配件供应或其它不可控制因素导致无法维修的,公司不再提供维修服务。